Seafood from the Seychelles



At SeaHarvest we work hard to ensure we supply you with top quality seafood products.


    We supply our customers locally and internationally with quality seafood products. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, businesses and individuals looking for quality seafood.


    On Mahé, Seychelles we have two shops that offer a range of products to locals, tourists and businesses.


    We export globally, from Japan to the United Kingdom. You name it, we probably send fish there. We use great export links with Emirates and Air Seychelles to achieve our global success.


    We invest in oursleves and businesses that will enhance our own creating a great support network for Sea Harvest and our products. This also supports the local economy and community.


    Sea Harvest is always looking to innovate, whether it's sustainable solutions, export enhancements or safety improvements. We feel this can only build on the service we deliver to our customers.


    Sea Harvest has an investment program for those interested in the company. We offer shares in our investment group, this supports Sea Harvest and other investments.

High Quality Seafood from the Seychelles

We export quality produce from the sea globally.

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Blue Economy Investment

Sea Harvest a blue economy investment opportunity in the Seychelles, for more information please email

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